Product of the week;

R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse gives you the top three things every person wants for their hair; volume, body and shine! So of course I can't keep this to myself, use it for all lengths of hair looking for a soft touchable texture with movement. 

Favorite ingredient Black Polynesian Volcanic Sand which gives us a heat and color protection leaving the hair conditioned.


Starting out with a golf ball size, place chiffon all over your hands and in between your fingers apply generously.


I always like to comb this product through to make sure we have an even application from roots to ends.


After our toss dry you'll see the shine and body come to life. One of the biggest pros is that it isn't sticky once it's on the hair.


I just finished the look off with a classic round brush keeping the texture fun with moving around her layers. I would recommend chiffon for people who don't like the feeling of product and enjoy soft hair.

Product of the week;

R+Co High Dive Moisture Shine Cream, cause people keep telling me that winter is coming. This has been one of my go to products in the salon for seeking styles that favor moisture over hold; smooth textured looks. High Dive is developed to seal the hair shaft with locking out frizz leaving behind a deep hydration and reflective shine.


Favorite ingredient in this product is sunflower seed extract which conditions the hair while giving moisture.

Start with towel dry hair, in this case we only conditioned with R+Co Gemstone.

Applying a generous amount of High Dive in your hands push the product all over your hands but mostly in between your fingers.

After combing the product through you can instantly start to see the shine reflect. This can also be doubled as a leave in conditioner.

I did a simple flat brush blow out to maintain this smooth textured look. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for less frizz and over all touchable feel.

Tips and Tricks

R+Co Cactus texturizing shampoo, cause we all could use a little bit of texture in our lives. First of all I'm head over heels for this new addition. It enhances your natural texture perfect for the low maintenance looks while giving an effortless beachy hair. All you have to do is shampoo your hair and follow it with no conditioner.

Favorite ingredient in this product is diatomaceous earth which helps at grip and absorbs oils.


Using about the size of a quarter you will notice it has a wonderful lather and smell.


After only shampoo you will start to see the magic working.


To have a more unified curl/wave I took small sections and twisted them. Still only having used Cactus.


Then defusing the hair till it's 100% dry.


So as you can see this gave us a no fuss lived in look. Easy for our on the go clients or just wanted to shake up your hair routine.



I was apart of a fun collaboration this past weekend with Colorist Mellisa Johnson & Editorial Stylist Douglas McCoy. The plan was to show off Keune new Color Cravings to their full potential.


Model: Alaska Bruneaua


House of POp got taken over by the amazing DJ Muldoon yesterday!


This Bob stretched me to learn some many new things. I loved every moment of it. 


I feel so lucky to be able to work with some of the best people in my industry. To be able to continue my education and be more well rounded in what I love.  




R+Co product love;

d e a t h  v a l l e y  d r y  s h a m p o o


This is my go to product out of the whole line. I'm not one that enjoys fresh clean texture so being able to grab a can of this and go to town is just what I love. It gives me that perfect control with absorbing the oil at my roots and leaves me with this great volume. I can just use my hands and shake it in or I can take a brush and mold it the way I like.

Important ingredients:

Silica (which removes and absorbs oil in the hair)

Pro Vitamin B5 (which thickens and adds volume to the hair)



Model Call


Exciting news I am directing my first education class for House Of POp this coming Sunday. This class will be a foundation class on styling and it gives me great joy to be getting back into teaching. 

I'm looking for a darling gal with mid to long hair that's available July 26th at 11:00am till about noon. 

Also would like to gear up some new faces for more hair stories. Male or female wanting a new haircut.  

Contact me via Facebook or email  



Time to take a step forward;

I've been wanting to start a little project where I can share my knowledge and love for hair and starting a blog was were I needed to be! On this site you will see many tutorials, hair stories and my thoughts on what is trending.

First let me tell you a little about myself: I am a hairdresser at House of POp located in the Pacific North West. My passion for hair professional started back in 2010. I'm an exculsive R+Co product lover. What gets me going is lived in textures that looks like you've been on stage rocking out for the past few hours!

I can't wait to to take you on this journey

xoxo mkt